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oscar piastri

If you’ve been following Formula 1 lately, you’ve likely heard the name Oscar Piastri. He’s been making waves in the racing world due to his recent contract with McLaren for 2023. But what do we know about this budding star?

In this article, we’ll dive into Oscar Piastri’s illustrious career and uncover the secrets behind his rise in F1. You’ll learn about his humble beginnings growing up in Australia, his success in the junior category, and what makes him such a competitive driver.

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Who Is Oscar Piastri?

It’s been a long road for Oscar Piastri from the days he dreamed of racing in Formula 1 around Albert Park. His graduation to Formula One is a result of his exceptional successes throughout his junior career, where he was victorious in three consecutive titles.

He started off by winning Formula Renault Eurocup in 2019. In the following year, Piastri made his F3 debut and won the title in 2020. In 2021 he joined FIA F2, claiming pole positions and feature race wins at every round before taking the crown.

After graduating from the Alpine Academy and testing their F1 car, he was set to make his debut with them in 2023 after they announced their lineup, including him. However, things took an unexpected turn when Piastri revealed he was unaware of any agreement to drive for them next year, providing an interesting twist. The confusion was eventually cleared when the CRB ruled that it was his contract with McLaren, not Alpine, that was valid for 2023. Piastri is now set to partner with Lando Norris at McLaren for the next two seasons.

Personal Life

Let’s take a look at what Oscar does away from the track.

Oscar Piastri’s personal life

Oscar Piastri is no doubt a family man and his family has been integral in his success. His parents, Chris and Nicole, have been unwavering in their support for him throughout his career. Along with that, his girlfriend Lily has also been very supportive of him. The two share a very good bond and she has been with him throughout his journey. 

Here are some details about Oscar Piastri’s life:


April 6, 2001


178 cm


68 kg


1 sister


Chris & Nicole Piastri

F1 team


Contract length


Salary 2023



Lily Zneimer

Early Life and Racing Career

Logan Sargeant was born on December 31, 2000 in Florida to his parents Michael Sardou and Mallika Sarabhai. He is an American racing sensation, who began his motorsport career in 2008 at a young age of eight. Growing up, Logan had the support of his family. Particularly his father, Michael, who helped Logan see the bigger picture while fighting against adversity. 

Logan Sargeant’s upbringing and early interest in racing

Logan’s passion for racing was evident from an early age as he began entering local karting events across Florida in 2008. This shows his determination to follow his dream of becoming a professional driver despite his young age. He was naturally gifted with speed and quickly rose through the ranks of karting.

His family was incredibly supportive of his ambitions and provided him with the resources he needed to continue pursuing his passion. Logan hasn’t talked much about his family, but he’s expressed his gratitude for the support they provided him throughout his racing career.

Early racing career

Logan Sargeant’s passion for racing was evident from a young age. He started his motorsport career in 2008 at just eight years old. Logan went on to win a great deal in karting, culminating in winning the CIK-FIA World Championship in the KFJ class which is the most prestigious karting title.

In 2016, he entered the Formula 4 UAE Championship and finished in second place overall. The following year he competed in the F4 UK Championship with two wins and ten podiums to his name, securing third place overall.  Logan then moved on to compete in the Formula Renault Eurocup and NEC with R-ace GP, where he achieved race victories and ended up fourth and fifth respectively.

Now that he had gained a great deal of experience, in 2019 Sargeant made the move to Formula 3 with Carlin. Despite a difficult campaign, he proved to be one to watch at the Macau GP where he finished in third place. 

This led to the switch to Prema for 2020, where he secured two wins and six podiums on his way to third place overall. In the next year, he stayed in F3 due to financial reasons but still managed to score points in 15 of the 21 races – including Charouz’s first victory in F3. This amazing feat proved that Logan Sargeant is definitely one to watch.

Oscar's Rise to F1

Oscar Piastri was born on April 6th, 2001, to his parents, Nicole and Chris Piastri, in the bustling city of Melbourne, Australia. From an early age, Piastri was surrounded by the sights and sounds of Formula 1 racing at the Albert Park circuit, and this sparked his dream to become a pro racer. 

He belongs to a well-off family, with his father owning a successful automotive software development company and his mother looking after the home front.

Oscar Piastri’s upbringing and early interest in racing

Oscar Piastri is among the youngest drivers to debut in the Grand Prix. Hence, it comes as no surprise that he had an early affinity for racing. Oscar began karting at the very young age of ten, and with time, his talent shone through as he won numerous Australian competitions and titles. 

His passion was further nurtured by his father, Chris, who would take him to every race and also taught him the basics of the game. Oscar’s mother, Nicole, also played a crucial role in his life as she showed him how to use cruise control. 

From the age of six, he began to race remote-controlled cars and was even able to secure third place in his debut competition against participants much older than him. 

Moreover, Oscar refers to his father as the reason for his success and dedicates all his awards to his mother, which shows how much support his family has been throughout his career. 

Even today, they follow up on each of Oscar’s races, keeping him grounded despite his accomplishments. His upbringing and early interest in racing have helped shape him into the racer he is today: one that has secured a spot in Formula 1 at a very young age.

Early racing career

Since he began karting at age nine, Oscar Piastri had already begun to amass an impressive array of victories and titles in Australian competitions. His racing career only grew from there when he started traveling to compete in CIK-FIA-sanctioned tournaments around Europe. With the support of his sponsors, including Melbourne Malibu, VCM Performance, Flash Diesel, and  HP Turners, Oscar was able to take part in professional associations. 

In 2015, he joined Ricky Flynn Motorsport and made his single-seater debut in the Formula 4 UAE Championship with Dragon F4. He proceeded to win two podiums and finish sixth overall, leading to a sponsorship deal with HP Tuners. The following year, Piastri joined the TRS Arden Junior Team and raced in the British F4 championship. He ended up second place behind Jamie Caroline after earning six victories and six pole positions.

Piastri returned to the championship in 2018, showing off his best performance at Hockenheim. By the end of it, he was ranked ninth in the championship with three podium finishes.

Racing Style and Technique

Now that Oscar Piastri is a part of the F1 grid, the world can get to know him better. With so much success at the junior level, one can expect that he will be bringing a lot of talent to the grid in 2023.

One thing that makes Oscar stand out from other drivers is his racing style and technique. He is known for being a smooth and controlled driver who often puts in consistent performances that pay off well.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the aspects that make him such an impressive driver.

Oscar Piastri’s driving style and technique 

Oscar Piastri is known for making smart decisions on the track, often taking calculated risks to benefit his performance. His driving style incorporates smooth and precise cornering, allowing him to make the most of every lap. He also has great reflexes and a keen eye for detail that allows him to anticipate what’s coming ahead and make adjustments accordingly.

Talking about Oscar Piastri in 2021, Alpine’s Chief Executive Laurent Rossi remarked that he had a lot of potential for the future and was a talent with speed, racing skills, and maturity.

“He is a huge talent. He possesses speed, racecraft, maturity, and has huge potential for the future” 

One of his best qualities is being able to quickly adapt to different situations, allowing him to get the most out of a racecar under any circumstances. He has also demonstrated great endurance on tracks, often going for long stints without sacrificing speed.

This can be shown by Oscar’s recent experiences testing with McLaren, first in the MCL35M and then at the 2022 Abu Dhabi Young Drivers’ Test driving the MCL36.   Although he didn’t find anything too shocking while behind the wheel of the MCL36, Oscar made sure to emphasize that a driver must always be prepared to adjust and adapt to their car.  By doing so, they can get the most out of their performance. 

oscar piastri

Comparison to other F1 drivers

When it comes to comparing Oscar Piastri to other F1 drivers, one cannot deny his immense talent and potential. He made junior-level racing look like a walk in the park and his F1 debut with McLaren will no doubt be highly anticipated.

Mark Webber, who is Oscar’s manager and is a former F1 driver himself, has remarked in a recent interview that Piastri stands out from other drivers like Daniel Ricciardo and Charles Leclerc. Comparing him to Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo who both made their debut at the age of 19, Webber noted that Oscar was much more composed and professional. 

His wife even went as far to say that he is the most sophisticated Australian F1 driver ever. This showcases his competency when stacked up against the competition in the world of Formula 1.

Off-track activities

Outside of his racing career, Oscar Piastri enjoys a variety of activities. He is a fan of football and video games but also prioritizes fitness with swimming, weightlifting, home workouts, and jogging. He is also an avid sports fan and plays a variety of games including cricket, basketball, and volleyball in his spare time. 

To ensure he is in peak fitness, Oscar follows a strict diet. Additionally, he loves to spend time outdoors such as hiking and skating.

Oscar is big on social media as well; his dedicated Instagram fan following is over 585k! Oscar also takes the time to interact with his fans and answer their questions.  Through this, he has been able to foster a strong fan base that supports him from all corners of the world.

Future Prospects

We know that Oscar Piastri has achieved huge success so far in his career, but what does the future hold for him? Will he be able to mirror the same performance as he did at the junior level? Let’s take a closer look.

Oscar Piastri’s future prospects in F1

It goes without saying that Oscar Piastri has a bright future ahead of him in Formula 1. His success in the junior categories has shown his potential, and with McLaren’s support, he is sure to reach greater heights.

However, F1 is a big step and the competition is only getting tougher. Thus, Oscar will need to stay focused and disciplined in order to stay ahead of the pack. He has the skills and experience to be a successful F1 driver, but it all depends on how he capitalizes on this opportunity. 

At the same time, Oscar needs to stay grounded and not let fame and success get to his head.  If he can stay humble and hungry to succeed, he will surely make an impact in Formula 1.

Although the future is uncertain, one thing is for certain: Oscar Piastri is certainly a driver to watch out for in the years ahead. His journey has just begun and we are excited to see what else he can accomplish! 

Frequently asked questions

What is Oscar Piastri’s background?

Oscar Piastri is a Formula 1 driver from Australia. He is set to make his debut for the McLaren team and has achieved great success in his junior career, winning several championships in both karting and single-seater racing.

How did Oscar Piastri get into Formula 1 racing?

Oscar Piastri started karting at a young age and quickly developed his driving skills. His talent and dedication paid off as he progressed through the junior categories and eventually caught the attention of McLaren, who offered him a seat in Formula 1 for the 2023 season.

What is Oscar Piastri’s driving style?

Oscar Piastri is known for his smooth and consistent driving style. He is excellent at adapting to different conditions and can quickly learn new tracks.

What are Oscar Piastri's future prospects in Formula 1?

Oscar Piastri has the potential to be one of the best drivers in Formula 1. With his experience and skills, he is sure to make an impact in the sport.

Does Oscar Piastri have any hobbies or interests outside of racing?

Yes, Oscar Piastri loves to spend time outdoors such as hiking and skating. He loves to play video games and is also big on social media, with over 585k followers on Instagram.

Oscar Piastri's Salary and Net worth compared to other Formula 1 Drivers:

#Read more about the drivers salary and net worthTeamSalary (USD $)Salary (EUR €)
1Max VerstappenRed Bull$55m€51.67m
2Lewis HamiltonMercedes$35m€32.88m
3Charles LeclercFerrari$24m€22.5m
4Lando NorrisMcLaren$20m€19m
5Carlos SainzFerrari$12m€11.27m
6Sergio PerezRed Bull$10m€9.39m
-Valtteri BottasAlfa Romeo$10m€9.39m
8George RussellMercedes$8m€7.5m
9Esteban OconAlpine$6m€5.63m
10Fernando AlonsoAston Martin$5m€4.69m
-Pierre GaslyAlpine$5m€4.69m
-Kevin MagnussenHaas$5m€4.69m
13Alex AlbonWilliams$3m€2.8m
14Lance StrollAston Martin$2m€1.9m
-Nico HulkenbergHaas$2m€1.9m
-Oscar PiastriMcLaren$2m€1.9m
-Nyck De VriesAlphaTauri$2m€1.9m
-Zhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo$2m€1.9m
19Logan SargeantWilliams$1m€950,00
-Yuki TsunodaAlphaTauri$1m€950,00


So, there you have it – a complete guide to Oscar Piastri, the next big thing in Formula 1 racing. He has already achieved great success in junior categories and is now set to make his debut for McLaren. We are sure he will go on to achieve even greater things in Formula 1 and cannot wait to see what the future holds for him!

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