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Hailing from Évreux, Normandy and being the youngest driver in the Formula 1 grid, Esteban Ocon is a passionate and brilliant Formula 1 driver competing for Alpine. Having started driving karts at an early age, he moved to professional racing in 2006. Before the age of 20, Ocon had been a part of Lotus F1, Renault F1, Manor and Force India. He skipped GP2 and Formula 2, moving to Formula 1 right after GP3. 

Having been a part of 107 Grand Prix. the french driving star won his first-ever Formula 1 victory in the Hungarian Grand Prix 2021

Esteban Ocon's net worth 2024


Esteban Ocon has an estimated net worth of $18 million. This includes his salary from racing, endorsements, and personal investments.

Net worth

$18 Million

Salary from Alpine

$6 Million

Investments and assets

$5 million

Loans and liabilities


Esteban Ocon salary From Alpine


Climbing the ladder to success and making his way up in Formula 1 by being a part of Alpine, Esteban Ocon’s salary is $6.000.000 annually.

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Esteban Ocon's Endorsements

Over the years, Esteban Ocon has acquired immense popularity, which is why he has gotten various endorsement deals from a number of brands. An insurance company in Spain, MAPFRE, and a luxury carmaker brand of Nissan, Infiniti, sponsors the french race car driver. Moreover, Castrol has been sponsoring him since 2020.

Furthermore, big brands like BP Ultimate, an oil and petroleum company, Microsoft and one of the largest chemical companies, DuPont, all sponsor Esteban Ocon. He has also struck an endorsement deal with a luxury watchmaker, Bell and Ross.

Key takeaways

  • Esteban José Jean-Pierre Ocon-Khelfane was born on 17th September 1996, in Normandy, France, to parents Sabrine Khelfane and Laurent Ocon, a mechanic.
  • He started karting at the age of 8 and won a mini-kart championship in the North of France in 2004 and 2005.
  • He began his career in single-seaters by being part of the Eurocup Formula Renault with Koiranen. He later moved and joined the ART Junior Team in 2013.
  • In 2015, he went on to drive in the GP3 series with Art Grand Prix and impressed everyone by winning the championship.
  • Esteban Ocon made his F1 debut, in 2016, with Manor Racing at the Belgian Grand Prix.
  •  He won his first-ever podium by taking 2nd place in Sakhir Grand Prix in 2020 and his first maiden victory at the Hungarian GP in 2021.
esteban ocon net worth

Lean More about Esteban Ocon

Full NameEsteban José Jean-Pierre Ocon-Khelfane
Date of Birth17th September, 1996
Height6 feet 1 inch
Weight66 kg

Esteban Ocon’s passion and love for motorsports started at an early age. From selling everything and living in a caravan to making his first Formula 1 entry in the Belgium Grand Prix of 2016, Esteban’s journey speaks of dedication, passion and hard work. The french motorsport racing sensation gave birth to a new champion in 2021 by winning the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Early Life

Esteban José Jean-Pierre Ocon-Khelfane was born on 17th September 1996, in Normandy, France, to parents Sabrine Khelfane and Laurent Ocon, a mechanic. It was his exposure to motor vehicles at an early age that made him enter various Karting competitions across Europe. He had a passion for motor racing since the start and was a huge fan of the former F1 driver, Michael Schumacher. 

His parents sold their family house and the mechanic shop in order to fund his Karting trips. During his trips in 2004 and 2005, he won a mini-kart championship in the North of France. During his early karting career, he drove alongside Charles Leclerc, a fellow F1 driver who currently drives for Scuderia Ferrari. 

In 2010, he won the French KF3 and took the 2nd position in the WSK Euro Series in 2011. When he turned 14, he was signed by the sister company of Renault F1, Gravity Sports management.

Personal Life

Esteban Ocon is currently dating a 23-year-old Italian model and influencer. Although they met in August 2017 in Spain, they started dating in 2018. They were seen together at the Plague du Festival in Cannes and later officially announced their relationship in September 2018. Elena works as a model and is also enrolled in a university in Geneva as a business management student. The couple like to keep their private life away from the media and paparazzi. 

Early Career

He began his career in single-seaters by being part of the Eurocup Formula Renault with Koiranen. He later moved and joined the ART Junior Team in 2013.

The French driver then entered Formula Three at Macau Grand Prix in 2013, where he finished 9th and took 15 pole positions. In 2015, he went on to drive in the GP3 series with Art Grand Prix and impressed everyone by winning the championship, which made him earn a spot as a reserve driver in Formula 1 for Renault. Moreover, he also got the opportunity to race for Mercedes in the first ten races of the 2016 DTM season. 

Once he won the GP3 title, Mercedes decided to sponsor the passionate driver, making him a part of their junior team. 

Formula 1 Career

Esteban Ocon made his F1 debut, in 2016, with Manor Racing at the Belgian Grand Prix when he replaced Rio Haryanto. In 2017, he joined Force India, which had signed a multi-year contract with Mercedes. His first race for Force India in the Australian Grand Prix earned him his first-ever Formula 1 point. From here, he went uphill and scored points in China, Bahrain, Russia, and Spain. Having scored 87 points, Ocon finished the season by taking the 8th position in the drivers’ championship.

In November 2018, after giving up his place to Lance Stroll, it was announced that Ocon would take the role of reserve driver for Mercedes for the 2019 season. During 2019, the young driver travelled with the team and helped with the engineering and stimulator work. 

He returned to the grid and drove for Renault in 2020 alongside Daniel Ricciardo. The young french driver secured his first F1 podium by finishing second at the 2020 Sakhir GP Series. 

For the 2021 season, Renault was rebranded and became the Alpine F1 Team. Ocon was partnered with Fernando Alonso, with whom he performed well in the early stages of the 2021 season of Formula 1. He started 8th at the Hungarian GP and eventually took his first maiden victory. Ocon scored 74 points and finished the season 11th in the Driver’s Championship.

Ocon drove for Alpine again for the 2022 season and signed a contract with them to stay until the end of the 2024 season.


  • Esteban started carting in 2006 by entering the French Minime Championship. He won the series in 2007.
  • He moved on to single-seater racing in 2012 for Formula Renault Eurocup and Formula Renault Alps series.
  • He moved one step ahead and entered the GP3 series in 2015.
  • Ocon took the role of the reserve driver for Renault in the 2016 F1 season.
  • In 2016, he made his F1 debut with Manor Racing in Belgian Grand Prix.
  • In 2017, his first full year in F1 with Force India, he finished a career-best 8th in the Drivers’Drivers’ Championship.
  • In 2018 Belgium, he made his best qualifying performance by taking the 3rd position in the grid. He ended the season in 12th place in the Driver’sDriver’s standings.
  • In 2019, he was the reserve driver for the Mercedes team.
  • Ocon returned to F1 track with Renault in 2020 and won his first-ever podium by taking the 2nd place in Sakhir Grand Prix and finishing the season by being 12th in the Drivers’Drivers’ Championship.
  • After a slow start in 2021, driving for Alpine, Esteban took the world by surprise by winning the Hungarian Grand Prix. 
  • He ended the 2021 season gracefully by finishing 5th and 4thin Qatar and Saudi Arabia, respectively and finished the season 11th in the driver’s championship.
  • He accomplished his best result of 2022 at the Austrian Grand Prix, finishing 5th.
  • He has signed a contract to remain with Alpine till the end of season 2024.

Climbing the ladder to success and making his way up in Formula 1 by being a part of Alpine, Esteban Ocon’s salary is $5 million annually.

Favorite quotes from Pierre Gasly

Having gone through a lot of struggles to reach the road to success, the French-American F1 race car driver, Esteban Ocon, has some inspirational things to say. Listed below are some favorite quotes from the young star.

  • You have a flashback once you cross the line.”
  • “You remember the sacrifices you’ve made. It’s pretty special.”
  • “I will do anything to have a spot here and show that I can shine.”
  • “Winning a race is part of the dream to be World Champion one day.”
  • “We still have a long way to go but I’m sure together with the team we will make some awesome memories together.”
  • “I still haven’t slept after winning the race. I feel pretty bad now, but also very good. Everything it was worth it.”
  • “Driving a new circuit is always exhilarating because you don’t really know what to expect until you’re driving there. But the approach and preparation remain the same as for all other race weekends.”
  • “I thought after two or three races I would have been forgotten” 
  • “And I think that’s superb because there’s nothing more rewarding than working hard and seeing that it’s working.”
  • “The sacrifices in the past, when I was younger. When my family gave everything for me to succeed. And you remember all the difficult moments in Formula One — the patience, the behind-the-scenes work that wasn’t in the spotlight. And all the waiting. Waiting for your time, your opportunity to come. And, finally, it has come. I’m a Formula One race winner”.
  • “That’s been my whole life; growing up in a mix of fuel, fire and grease. It’s pretty special.”

Esteban Ocon Cars

Like most Formula 1 drivers, Esteban Ocon is a car enthusiast having some of the world’s most luxurious cars in his garage. He owns a Mercedes AMG GT R, with a whooping price tag of $192,000. He also has a Mercedes AMG C63 Edition1 and Alpine A110S, priced at $165,410 and $100,000 simultaneously. 

Esteban Ocon House

Having sold everything in order to start his early career, Esteban Ocan spent his childhood in a caravan. However, with his dedication and accomplishments he now owns a grand mansion in Switzerland. 

Esteban Ocon Boat/Yacht

Even though various pictures can be found of Esteban Ocan on a yacht, there is no update or information regarding him owning a boat or yacht. 

If you want to know even more about the french F1 driver, read our article: 50 fun facts about Esteban Ocon.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Esteban Ocon earn in a year?

Young and talented Esteban Ocon is a Formula 1 driver who is one the top 10 highest-paid drivers, earning $6 million annually from his salary by Alpine.

How rich is Esteban Ocon?

The young french racer Esteban Ocon has an estimated net worth of $18 million.

How is Esteban Ocon so rich?

Having struggled during his early karting years, Esteban Ocon currently has a net worth of a whopping $18 million, the majority of which comes from his salary as a Formula 1 driver for Alpine and endorsements.

Where did Esteban Ocon get his money?

Esteban Ocon is one of the highest-paid F1 drivers. He has a net worth of $18 million. Although he does not come from a wealthy family, he gets his earnings from various endorsements and his salary as an F1 driver.

Is Esteban Ocon a billionaire?

Esteban Ocon earns $6 million annually and has a net worth of $18 million, this makes him a millionaire.

Esteban Ocon Salary and Net Worth Compared To Other Formula 1 Drivers

Esteban Ocon is one of the top young talents in Formula 1. The Frenchman has an annual salary of $6 million which puts him up there with some of the other big names in the sport. 

However, when compared to other drivers on the grid, his net worth is relatively low. He ranks 14th on our list of the F1 Diver Salaries, which although isn’t such a bad spot to be in, it still isn’t the best. Compared to other F1 drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, Esteban’s salary is low, but is considerably higher than drivers such as Nicolas Latifi. 

#Read more about the drivers salary and net worthTeamSalary (USD $)Salary (EUR €)
1Max VerstappenRed Bull$55m€51.67m
2Lewis HamiltonMercedes$35m€32.88m
3Charles LeclercFerrari$24m€22.5m
4Lando NorrisMcLaren$20m€19m
5Carlos SainzFerrari$12m€11.27m
6Sergio PerezRed Bull$10m€9.39m
-Valtteri BottasAlfa Romeo$10m€9.39m
8George RussellMercedes$8m€7.5m
9Esteban OconAlpine$6m€5.63m
10Fernando AlonsoAston Martin$5m€4.69m
-Pierre GaslyAlpine$5m€4.69m
-Kevin MagnussenHaas$5m€4.69m
13Alex AlbonWilliams$3m€2.8m
14Lance StrollAston Martin$2m€1.9m
-Nico HulkenbergHaas$2m€1.9m
-Oscar PiastriMcLaren$2m€1.9m
-Nyck De VriesAlphaTauri$2m€1.9m
-Zhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo$2m€1.9m
19Logan SargeantWilliams$1m€950,00
-Yuki TsunodaAlphaTauri$1m€950,00


Born in Normandy and having struggled financially in his childhood, Esteban Ocon, a young and passionate driver currently driving for Alpine in Formula 1, is making his way up to be an F1 world champion. He has graduated from the Mercedes Driver Development Program and has raced for Lotus F1, Renault F1, Manor and Force India. He took the world by surprise by winning the Hungary Grand Prix in 2021 and is gathering the experience to become a well-known name in the auto racing sport.  

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Lisette Holm
Lisette Holm is a Formula 1 expert who has not missed a single Grand Prix in the last 4 years. She is one of the founders and her job at is to educate others who are interested in F1 in order to raise their level of knowledge. Lisette cheers on Mercedes AMG-Petronas.


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