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Charles Leclerc’s salary and net worth March 2023

Charles Leclerc is one of the up-and-coming Formula 1 racecar drivers. He is widely regarded as one of the most promising young drivers currently active. Many believe that he may soon emerge as one of, if not the finest, Formula 1 racers of all time.

Leclerc’s career in Formula 1 is off to a very impressive start, and it seems likely that his earnings will reflect that. In this article, we’ll take a look at Charles Leclerc’s net worth and salary, as well as how he makes his money.

Charles Leclerc's net worth 2023


Charles Leclerc’s net worth is estimated to be $125 million. This makes him one of the richest Formula 1 drivers in the world. The majority of Leclerc’s wealth comes from his salary as a Formula 1 driver.


Charles Leclerc’s financials

Net Worth$125.000.000
  • 3 Yachts
  • 3 Mansions

Charles Leclerc's salary 2023


Charles Leclerc’s salary from Ferrari is $24.000.000 per year. In addition to his salary, Leclerc also receives bonuses for each race he wins and for each pole position he secures.

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Charles Leclerc Endorsements

Leclerc is endorsed by the Italian luxury fashion house Giorgio Armani and Ray-Ban. These deals are worth million of dollars and adds to Leclerc’s wealth. Hence, Armani and Ray-Ban are some of the most significant contributors to Charles Leclerc’s net worth.

Key takeaways

Here are some key aspects that you should know regarding Charles Leclerc’s overall wealth:

  • Charles Leclerc is one of the up-and-coming Formula 1 racecar drivers.
  • He has 21 podium finishes in his career, including five victories. 
  • He is widely regarded as one of the most promising young drivers currently active.
  • Charles Leclerc’s net worth is estimated to be $125.000.000.
  • Charles Leclerc’s salary from Ferrari is $24.000.000 per year. 
  • In addition to his salary, Leclerc also receives bonuses for each race he wins and for each pole position he secures.
  • Leclerc is endorsed by the Italian luxury fashion house Giorgio Armani and Ray-Ban.
Charles Leclerc salary net worth

Learn more about Charles Leclerc

Now that we know about Charles Leclerc’s salary and net worth, let’s take a look at some more information about this promising young driver.

Full NameCharles Marc Hervé Perceval Leclerc
Date of BirthOctober 16th, 1997
Height180 cm
Weight69 kg

Charles Leclerc's Early Life

The world welcomed Leclerc into the world on October 16, 1997. His father, Hervé, inspired him to pursue his passion for motorsports. Between 1983 and 1988, he raced 22 Formula 3 races. In the following years, he accompanied his young son in his sports career. 

He began by racing on the track of his father’s French friend, Philippe Bianchi, in Brignoles, a city between Marseille and Nice. Charles became close friends with Philipe’s older son Jules Bianchi, also a pilot, who was eight years older than him. 

Midway through the 2010 karting season, Hervé realized he couldn’t afford to pay for his kid to compete in the Karting season. Fortunately, his friends were there to help. Jules Bianchi spoke with Nicolas Todt, his manager, and CEO of All Road Management, a pilot representation company. Todt is the son of Jean Todt, Ferrari’s sports director during Michael Schumacher’s five-title winning streak.

As a result of the connections, both Jules and Philippe asked Nicolas for money to help Charles. A total of 250,000 euros was raised to keep the Monaco boy in karting for another international season. He proved himself worthy of that when he won the International Karting Commission (CIK) of the FIA in 2011. Charles kept competing in karting, and 2012 and 2013 were years of intense development for him, and he learned a lot. He finished second in European and global championships behind Dutchman Max Verstappen.

Leclerc stepped into F1 in 2018 and made his Ferrari debut on March 17, 2019, at the age of 21 years and 152 days.


Having made his Formula One debut in 2018, Leclerc has shown moments of ballistic speed at the start of his career, pushing Sauber to the edge and earning himself a priceless place at Ferrari for 2019. In his first season with Ferrari, Charles surpassed his German teammate Sebastian Vettel.

Charles finished fourth in the World Championship with seven pole positions, eleven podiums, and two wins which resulted in his contract extension until 2024 with Ferrari. The 2020 season fell short of Charles’ expectations, as he only made the podium twice, ending eighth in the drivers’ standings. In 2021, the Monegasque driver earned two more pole positions as well as a podium finish.

Looking to the future, it is safe to say that we can expect great things from Charles Leclerc. He has already cemented his place as one of the best drivers in Formula One and with many years ahead of him, we can only imagine what he will achieve.


To sum it up, some of Charles Leclerc’s career highlights are:

  • His strong performances in karting which caught the attention of Jules Bianchi and Nicolas Todt.
  • Winning the CIK FIA Karting World Championship in 2011.
  • Making his Formula One debut in 2018 with Sauber.
  • Joining Ferrari in 2019 and surpassing Sebastian Vettel in his first season.
  • Contract extension with Ferrari until 2024.
  • Three wins and eight pole positions in the 2022 Formula One season so far.
  • A bright future ahead with many years of racing still to come!

Favorite quotes from Charles Leclerc

Here are some of our favorite quotes from Charles Leclerc:

“I like the danger, I like the adrenaline, and I need it to race”

While expressing his love for Ferrari, Charles said:

“Anyone who has the chance to drive for Ferrari will drive for Ferrari”

“The red car, even before I knew it was called Ferrari, was my obsession”

“I believe what matters are facts and behaviors in our daily life rather than formal gestures”

His quotes show his dedication towards his sport as well as his team. He has a passion for racing and it is clear that he puts his heart and soul into everything he does.

What else does Charles Leclerc own?


The Ferrari driver is a supercar enthusiast and owns around $7 million worth of supercars. You would assume that his collection will be limited to some exclusive Ferrari models, but that’s not the case. Here are some of the cars that he owns:

  • Bugatti Chiron – $3.000.000
  • Ferrari GTC4 – $850,000
  • Land Rover Discovery – $175,000
  • Rolls-Royce Wraith – $1.000.000
  • McLaren GT – $800,000
  • Ferrari F8 – $590,000


Monaco has been a home to many former and current F1 drivers. However, there is only one driver on the current grid who can claim Monte Carlo as his hometown. The 23-year-old lives in a high-end apartment in Formula One’s most prestigious city.

The racing driver from Monaco has a sleek kitchen with a white marble countertop, white cabinets all around, and a wine fridge. Leclerc’s collection of helmets and trophies are displayed in a wooden cabinet in his apartment.


Charles Leclerc, a native of Monaco, is an avid swimmer and beach-goer. He owns several luxurious cars, but his true passion lies in his collection of boats.

  • Leclerc’s first boat was a 48-foot Dolceriva, which he purchased in August 2020. The boat, which he named “Monza” after his hometown race track.
  • In addition to the Monza, Leclerc also owns a 20-meter long sportfly ribelle 66. The boat, which he named “Sedici” (sixteen in Italian), is equipped with two 1550 hp Man engines and can reach speeds of up to 37 knots (approximately 68.5 km/h). 

The total cost of Leclerc’s two boats is estimated to be around $6.000.000.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does Charles Leclerc earn in a year?

Charles earn $24.000.000 from Ferrari as annual salary. In addition to that, he also has several endorsement deals which help him supplement his income.

How rich is Charles Leclerc?

Charles Lecerc is one of the richest young racing drivers in the world. Charles Leclerc's net worth is estimated to be $125.000.000. He owns multiple homes, supercars, and boat and has several endorsement deals.

How is Charles Leclerc so rich?

Charles Leclerc is rich because of his successful career as a Formula One racing driver. He has been driving for Ferrari since 2019 and has signed a contract extension with the team until 2024. Additionally, he has several endorsement deals that contribute to his income.

Where did Charles Leclerc get his money?

The majority of his wealth comes from his salary as a Formula One driver. He is currently contracted to drive for Ferrari until 2024 and his annual salary is reported to be around $12 million.

Is Charles Leclerc a billionaire?

No, Charles Leclerc is not a billionaire. His net worth is estimated to be around $125 million, which puts him far from the billionaire mark. But with a few more years of successful driving, he could very well reach that status.

Charles Leclerc's salary and net worth compared to other Formula 1 drivers

If we compare Charles Leclerc’s salary with other Formula One drivers, we can see that he is one of the highest-paid young drivers in the sport. His annual salary of $12.000.000 puts him seventh on the list of highest-paid drivers. 

#Read more about the drivers salary and net worthTeamSalary (USD $)Salary (EUR €)
1Max VerstappenRed Bull$55m€51.67m
2Lewis HamiltonMercedes$35m€32.88m
3Charles LeclercFerrari$24m€22.5m
4Lando NorrisMcLaren$20m€19m
5Carlos SainzFerrari$12m€11.27m
6Sergio PerezRed Bull$10m€9.39m
-Valtteri BottasAlfa Romeo$10m€9.39m
8George RussellMercedes$8m€7.5m
9Esteban OconAlpine$6m€5.63m
10Fernando AlonsoAston Martin$5m€4.69m
-Pierre GaslyAlpine$5m€4.69m
-Kevin MagnussenHaas$5m€4.69m
13Alex AlbonWilliams$3m€2.8m
14Lance StrollAston Martin$2m€1.9m
-Nico HulkenbergHaas$2m€1.9m
-Oscar PiastriMcLaren$2m€1.9m
-Nyck De VriesAlphaTauri$2m€1.9m
-Zhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo$2m€1.9m
19Logan SargeantWilliams$1m€950,00
-Yuki TsunodaAlphaTauri$1m€950,00


So overall, we can see that Charles Leclerc is a very successful young racing driver who has earned a lot of money through his career in Formula One. As of October 2022, his net worth is $125.000.000, and there’s not stopping this guy from achieving milestones on and off the grid.

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