Formula 1 Circuits & Grand Prixes with the highest capacity 2024

Formula 1 circuits & Grand Prixes with the highest capacity

Formula 1 thrives on the palpable energy of roaring engines, masterful drivers, and most importantly, its passionate spectators. 

Each Grand Prix circuit around the world has its unique capacity limits. 

In this article, we’ll rank all Grand Prix circuits based on their theoretical maximum crowd capacity for the entire race weekend and the final race day. 

Let’s buckle up and start this thrilling journey!

RankGrand PrixWeekend capacity
1United States Grand Prix440 000
2Australian Grand Prix420 000
3British Grand Prix401 000
4Mexico City Grand Prix396 000
5Belgian Grand Prix360 000
6Canadian Grand Prix338 000
7Italian Grand Prix337 000
8Dutch Grand Prix305 000
9Singapore Grand Prix302 000
10Austria Grand Prix303 000
11Hungarian Grand Prix290 000
12Spanish Grand Prix278 000
13Miami Grand Prix243 000
14Brazilian Grand Prix236 000
15French Grand Prix200 000
16Japanase Grand Prix200 000
17Monaco Grand Prix200 000
18Abu Dhabi Grand Prix160 000
19Bahrain Grand Prix98 000

These numbers are all sources from the officiall Formula 1 statistics from the 2022 season.

1. The United States Grand Prix

Taking pole position in our ranking is the United States Grand Prix, held at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas

This modern circuit boasts an incredible capacity, welcoming up to 440,000 fans over the Grand Prix weekend.

2. Australian Grand Prix

The Australian Grand Prix, hosted by the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit nestled in Albert Park, earns the second spot. 

This circuit accommodates a whopping 420,000 spectators over the race weekend.

3. British Grand Prix

Next up is the iconic Silverstone Circuit, home to the British Grand Prix. 

Steeped in history and loved by fans worldwide, Silverstone can accommodate up to 401,000 spectators over the race weekend.

4. Mexico City Grand Prix

The Mexico City Grand Prix ranks fourth on our list. The Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, renowned for its passionate fans and high-altitude location, can host up to 395,000 spectators over the Grand Prix weekend.

5. Belgian Grand Prix

At the fifth spot is the Belgian Grand Prix at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, considered one of the most challenging circuits in the world. 

It can welcome as many as 360,000 spectators over the race weekend.

6. Canadian Grand Prix

North of the border, we have the Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Named after Canada’s most famous F1 driver, this circuit located on a man-made island in Montreal offers room for a commendable 338,000 spectators over the race weekend.

7. Italian Grand Prix

Monza, the ‘Temple of Speed,’ is next on our list. Known for its high-speed straights and challenging corners, the Italian Grand Prix can accommodate around 337,000 fans over the weekend, echoing with the passionate chants of the tifosi.

8. Dutch Grand Prix

The Dutch Grand Prix at Circuit Zandvoort makes a return to the F1 calendar after a long hiatus. 

With its exciting layout and the ‘Orange Army’ of Max Verstappen, the circuit can host around 305,000 spectators over the race weekend.

9. Singapore Grand Prix

The Marina Bay Street Circuit, home to the Singapore Grand Prix, is unique as F1’s first-ever night race. 

This illuminated spectacle around Singapore’s harbor can accommodate about 302,000 fans over the race weekend.

10. Austrian Grand Prix

Set against the scenic Styrian mountains, the Red Bull Ring hosts the Austrian Grand Prix. 

Despite its short lap length, this circuit can welcome up to 303,000 spectators over the Grand Prix weekend.

11. Hungarian Grand Prix

Next, we move to the Hungaroring, hosting the Hungarian Grand Prix. This twisty circuit, known for its challenging overtaking opportunities, can host 290,000 spectators over the race weekend.

12. Spanish Grand Prix

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, home of the Spanish Grand Prix, allows up to 278,000 fans over the race weekend. 

This circuit is familiar to all teams and drivers due to its extensive use in pre-season testing.

13. Miami Grand Prix

The Miami Grand Prix, a recent addition to the F1 calendar, adds an extra layer of glamour and excitement. 

This picturesque street circuit around the Hard Rock Stadium can host 243,000 fans over the race weekend.

14. Brazilian Grand Prix

The Brazilian Grand Prix, held at the Interlagos Circuit in São Paulo, comes next. 

Known for its thrilling races and passionate fans, this historic circuit can accommodate up to 236,000 spectators over the race weekend.

15. French Grand Prix

The French Grand Prix, hosted at Circuit Paul Ricard, boasts a capacity of 200,000 spectators. 

Known for its distinctive blue and red run-off areas, this circuit blends technical challenges with the picturesque landscapes of Le Castellet.

16. Japanese Grand Prix

Suzuka Circuit, home of the Japanese Grand Prix, shares the same capacity as its French counterpart. 

Famous for its figure-eight layout, Suzuka’s energetic atmosphere and enthusiastic fans make it a favorite among drivers and spectators alike.

17. Monaco Grand Prix

The glamorous and prestigious Monaco Grand Prix is next, with the street circuit of Monte Carlo welcoming up to 200,000 spectators over the whole weekend. 

Despite its lower capacity, the circuit is a fan favorite due to the glitz, glamour, and unique challenges it presents.

18. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The Yas Marina Circuit, which hosts the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, can hold up to 160,000 spectators. 

Known for its glamorous facilities and twilight races, the circuit offers a unique mix of excitement and opulence.

19. Bahrain Grand Prix

Following Abu Dhabi in the Middle East, the Bahrain International Circuit hosts the Bahrain Grand Prix and has a capacity of 98,000. 

The desert circuit, renowned for its captivating night races, promises an unforgettable experience for its spectators.

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