Jeddah Corniche Circuit (The Ultimate Guide)

Saudi Arabian Jeddah Circuit map

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit is a motorsports venue located in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The circuit is situated along the waterfront of the Red Sea, offering a unique and picturesque setting for racing events. 

The circuit was first announced in 2019 as part of Saudi Arabia’s plans to host a Formula One Grand Prix, with the first race taking place in November 2021.

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History and Construction of the Circuit

The history of motorsports in Jeddah can be traced back to the early 2000s, when local enthusiasts began organizing informal racing events on the city’s streets. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that the government of Saudi Arabia announced plans to build a permanent circuit in Jeddah, with the goal of hosting a Formula One Grand Prix.

Construction of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit began in 2020 and was completed in time for the first race in November 2021. Hermann Tilke who designed the circuit is a renowned circuit designer who has worked on numerous Formula One circuits around the world. The layout of the circuit features a combination of long straights and tight corners, with a total length of 3.84 km.

Circuit Guide

First Grand Prix


Number of Laps


Circuit Length


Race Distance


Lap Record

1:30.734 Lewis Hamilton (2021)

Famous features of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit

  • Long straightaways that allow for high-speed racing
  • Tight corners that offer challenges for drivers
  • Spectacular views of the Red Sea
  • State-of-the-art facilities and amenities for teams, media, and spectators
  • VIP and hospitality offerings for an exclusive race experience
  • Wide range of nearby hotels and transportation options
Saudi Arabian Jeddah Circuit map

Racing at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit is a state-of-the-art facility that has been designed to host a wide range of motorsports events, including Formula 1. The circuit features a challenging layout that offers a mix of high-speed straights and tight corners, making it a thrilling track for drivers and fans alike.

One of the notable characteristics of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit is its long straightaways, which allow drivers to reach high speeds and put their cars through their paces. Additionally, the circuit’s tight corners and chicanes pose a significant challenge for drivers, as they require precise driving and quick reflexes.

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit has hosted several notable races and moments in its history. In 2021, the circuit hosted its first Formula 1 race, the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. This race was significant as it marked the first time that Formula 1 had come to Saudi Arabia, and it was met with great excitement from motorsports fans around the world. The race was won by Lewis Hamilton, who drove for Mercedes.

Compared to others Formula 1 circuits

RaceCircuitCircuit lengthRace distanceLaps
Monaco Grand PrixCircuit de Monaco3.337km260.286km78
Dutch Grand PrixCircuit Zandvoort4.259km306.648km72
Austrian Grand PrixRed Bull Ring4.318km306.452km71
Mexican Grand PrixAutodromo Hermanos Rodrígues4.304km305.354km71
Brazilian Grand PrixAutodromo Jose Carlos Pace4.309km305.879km71
Canadian Grand PrixCircuit Gilles-Villeneuve4.361km305.270km70
Hungarian Grand PrixHungaroring4.381km306.630km70
Spanish Grand PrixCircuit de Barcelona-Catalunya4.655km307.104km66
Singapore Grand PrixMarina Bay Street Circuit5.063km308.706km61
Australian Grand PrixMelbourne Grand Prix Circuit – Albert Park5.303km307.574km58
Bahrain Grand PrixBahrain International Circuit5.412km308.238km57
Miami Grand PrixMiami International Autodrome5.410km308.37km57
Chinese Grand PrixShanghai International Circuit5.451km305.066km56
United States Grand PrixCircuit of the Americas5.513km308.405km56
Abu Dhabi Grand PrixYAS Marina Circuit5.554km305.355km55
French Grand PrixCircuit Paul Ricard5.842km309.690km53
Italian Grand PrixAutodromo Nazionale Monza5.793km306.720km53
Las Vegas Grand PrixLas Vegas Street Circuit6.120km305.880km50
Japanese Grand PrixSuzuka International Racing Course5.807km307.471km53
British Grand PrixSilverstone Circuit5.891km306.198km52
Azerbaijan Grand PrixBaku City Circuit6.003km306.049km51
Saudi Arabia Grand PrixJeddah Corniche Circuit6.175km308.750km50
Belgian Grand PrixCircuit de Spa-Francorchamps7.004km308.052km44

Facilities and Amenities

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit offers a wide range of facilities and amenities for spectators, teams, and media. The circuit features grandstand seating that provides excellent views of the track, as well as a variety of hospitality and VIP offerings.

For spectators, the circuit offers a range of food and beverage options, as well as souvenir shops and merchandise stands. Additionally, the circuit has a wide range of amenities, including restrooms, ATMs, and first aid stations.

For teams and media, the circuit offers a range of facilities, including garages, pit lanes, and media centers. Additionally, the circuit offers a variety of hospitality options, including VIP suites and executive boxes.

There are many hotels nearby the circuit, and transportation options are also available for those who want to visit the circuit.

Winners at Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

These are the drivers who won the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in previous years (from 2021-2022):

  • 2021: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 
  • 2022: Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing)

How to Buy Tickets for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

To experience the excitement of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, fans can purchase tickets through various channels such as the official circuit website or authorized ticketing agents. Ticket options include grandstand seating and hospitality packages. Pricing and availability may vary, and early bird discounts and promotions may be available.

When buying tickets, it is recommended to consider the location of the seating, as well as important deadlines for purchasing. It is also important to familiarize yourself with the refund, exchange and cancellation policy for the tickets.

How to bet on the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Betting on motorsports events, including the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, is a popular pastime for many fans. There are several ways to bet on the race, including online sports betting websites and at brick-and-mortar sportsbooks.

Before placing a bet, it is important to research the different types of bets available and understand the odds and potential payouts. It is also important to familiarize oneself with the rules and regulations of sports betting in the country.

Frequently asked questions about Jeddah Corniche Circuit

What types of motorsports events are held at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit?

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit is set to host the inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in November 2021, which will be the first Formula 1 race to take place in the country.

What amenities and facilities are available at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit?

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit is equipped with a variety of facilities and amenities for spectators, teams, and media, including grandstand seating, hospitality and VIP packages, food and drink vendors, merchandise and souvenir shops, pit lane and paddock facilities, and nearby hotels and transportation options.

Can I buy tickets to watch the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit?

Yes, tickets can be purchased through the official circuit website or authorized ticketing agents.


In conclusion, The Jeddah Corniche Circuit is an exciting addition to the Formula One racing calendar, offering a unique and challenging racing experience for drivers and a world-class event for fans and visitors. With its picturesque location, state-of-the-art facilities, and the growing popularity of motorsports in the region, the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit is sure to be a major event on the Formula One calendar for years to come.

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