Are Alpine F1 Team Profitable?

alpine profit f1

The Alpine Formula 1 team is one of the most successful in Formula 1 history. The team’s annual revenue is $195 million, and they spend $7 million on running costs. It means that the team is profitable and can run without significant financial support from its parent company.

In 2019, the team generated $195 million in revenue, a 9% increase from the previous year. The major contributors to this increase were television rights fees and race sponsorship. This success can be partly attributed to the team’s great performance over the years. 

Between 2007 and 2016, Alpine finished in the top three in most of the races. This consistency has contributed to strong brand recognition and increased sponsorship opportunities.

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Does the Alpine F1 team produce profits?

Alpine F1, a team that competes in the Formula One racing circuit, has been in operation since 1968. The team has made significant progress since its inception and is currently ranked fourth in the formula one world. The team is not only a competitive force on the track but also profitable.

In fact, according to financial statements, the team generated a hundred million dollars in profits over the previous year. This success can be attributed to the management team’s consistent performance and wise business decisions.

Moreover, the team won the World Rally Championship in 1973 and Le Mans 24 Hours in 1978. One of Alpine F1’s most important strategies has been its focus on Young Drivers’ Programs. This initiative was started to grow talent and promote driver development within the racing community.

Key takeaways

  • Alpine F1 team is an independently owned Formula One racing team founded by Laurent Rossi in 1997. 
  • The team has competed in the Formula One World Championship since it debuted, scoring no points until their first race in Bahrain in 2021. 
  • The Alpine F1 team has been formed to compete in the highest level of motor racing.
  • The team has assembled a strong squad of drivers and engineers with extensive experience in Formula One and World Endurance Championship racing. 
  • The Alpine F1 team is based in England, which gives it an advantage over some of the other Formula One teams based in other countries with less favorable race tracks. 
  • The England climate also benefits the team’s car, as it is known for its low temperatures and dry conditions.
  • The recent driver of the Alpine team is Fernando Alonso Esteban Ocon.
  • Kappa is the official partner of Alpine. From grooming equipment to marketing campaigns, Kappa has supported Alpine through good and bad times.
alpine profit f1

Understanding how Alpine F1 earns their money

Alpine F1, a new Formula One racing series, is making money in a different way than most other racing series. The team’s organizers have made money by charging spectators for tickets, renting out space for corporate events, and selling merchandise. This income was more than enough to cover the costs of racing and organizing the series. 

This unique business model has allowed Alpine F1 to compete with more established Formula One racing series.


The Alpine F1 team earns money through Sponsorships. The team is sponsored by several companies, which support the team financially. Sponsorship deals typically last for 3 to 12 months and can involve monetary and in-kind support. 

The team has already announced some of the sponsors for the upcoming season. Here are some of the sponsors:


Alpine earns money by sponsorship with BWT. The water treatment systems supplier has a long-standing relationship with Alpine, and the two companies have worked together to develop new products and services. In addition to sponsoring Alpine, BWT also provides support for the team’s racing efforts.

This partnership allows Alpine to manage its cars and driver’s cost. Likewise, the agreement allows BWT to reach new consumers and businesses in the water treatment industry.

Castrol and BP

Castrol and BP has been longtime sponsors of the Alpine F1 team. However, the company has sponsored many races worldwide, including the Monaco Grand Prix, Canadian Grand Prix, British Grand Prix, and Hungarian Grand Prix. 

The company is committed to helping the team succeed on and off the track. Castrol provides lubricant technology and fuel supplies for race cars. In addition, it also provides financial support and marketing support. 

Using Castrol and BP marketing support, the Alpine team earns a good amount of money yearly.

Renault E-tech

Renault E-tech sponsors the Alpine team in the F1 world championship. The company has been involved with the racing series since its inception in 2013. Renault E-tech is a technology company that produces electric vehicles, batteries, and renewable energy products.


Microsoft has sponsored Alpine F1 Team. The team has used this sponsorship to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals and cement their place as one of the top motorsport teams in the world.

The team benefits from having Microsoft as its sole sponsor. The company provides financial support and resources that help the team compete at the highest level. This sponsorship has allowed them to build a successful racing team, hire talented drivers, and secure lucrative commercial deals.


Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced its sponsorship of the Alpine F1 team. The team uses Binance’s blockchain technology to develop a new race car. It is the first time a major cryptocurrency exchange has sponsored a racing team. 

This sponsorship is significant because it signals that blockchain technology is becoming mainstream and that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. It also shows that Binance is dedicated to innovative and cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, this sponsorship helps the Alpine F1 team to improve its performance and reach new heights in the racing world.


The Alpine F1 team has been able to earn a living through sponsorship from Yahoo since the beginning of the 2010 Formula One season. The team uses Yahoo as its official web portal and search engine provider. In return for this sponsorship, the sponsor provides the team with advertising space on its homepage and search results pages. 

This arrangement has helped Alpine achieve a top-ten position in online search engine results, which has helped it attract new fans and sponsors.

3D Systems

3D Systems has teamed up with the Alpine F1 team to provide sponsorship and technical support for their 3D printing needs since 1998. The team is using 3DS’ stereolithography technology to create parts for their cars.

The partnership allows the team to continue to use 3DS’ powerful printing technology while increasing its branding and visibility. In addition, the team will be able to share its experience and learn from 3DS’ expertise in three dimensions printing.


The Alpine F1 team earns money through Advertisement. The race car driving team comprises a small group of passionate individuals who love racing. Through the use of advertisements, they can support their racing endeavors while also generating income. 

Racing is expensive, and with the help of revenue generated by advertisement, the Alpine F1 team can continue competing at the highest level.

Alpine F1, a team that competes in the Formula One racing circuit, has been in operation since 1968. The team has made significant progress since its inception and is currently ranked fourth in the formula one world. The team is not only a competitive force on the track but also profitable.

Alpine revenue and profit compared to other F1 teams

Alpine is one of the most successful teams in Formula One, but they are making a big impact on the competition. The team has made more revenue and profit in the last few years. They also had their best season with two podiums and 11 top 5 finishes in 16 races. According to resources, the team’s annual revenue is $195 million.

Red Bull

Red Bull Racing is also one of the most successful Formula One teams in history. They have amassed an annual revenue of 8.87 billion euros since its inception, much higher than the Alpine team. It makes them the 1st richest team in the world and one of the most financially stable teams in F1. Their success has come primarily from winning championships, with 7 out of 10 titles being won since they joined the sport. 

However, they also benefit from lucrative merchandising deals and sponsorship deals with major brands such as Red Bull, Renault, and TAG Heuer.


In 2019, the revenue of the Ferrari F1 Team was $4,219 million. It is a significant increase from the previous year when their revenue was only $4,039 million. The team’s success is likely due to the resurgence of Formula 1 as popular motorsport and their ability to attract top talent. 

Ferrari is the second most popular team in terms of revenue. However, their success has drawn in other teams who are now looking to challenge for championships.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin, one of the most iconic car brands in the world, has an annual revenue of $1.03 billion. The company’s F1 team is responsible for a significant portion of this revenue, bringing in an estimated £387 million ($583 million). Aston Martin has been a staple of the championship since 1950, and its success on the track has translated into a loyal fanbase that supports everything the company does.

Frequently asked questions

Is owning an F1 team profitable?

F1 teams are highly profitable businesses. Of course, some teams earn much more than others, but on average, owning an F1 team is a very profitable investment. Building a winning team is key to success as an F1 team owner. The most successful teams have drivers who are champions on the track and talented managers who can manage the team and its resources wisely. It’s also important to make smart investments in sponsorships and technology to help your team compete in a fast-changing industry.

Who owns Alpine's F1 team?

Renault owns Alpine's Formula 1 team. The French car manufacturer has been involved in F1 since the early 19’s. Renault currently ranks top in engine supply to F1 teams and has won nine Constructors' Championships (including five with Williams). It is said to be beneficial for both parties. Renault gets to promote its brand and drivers in a high-profile race series, while Alpine receives financial support and access to Renault's technical expertise.


In conclusion, the Alpine F1 team is profitable and has a net worth of 430 million dollars. In addition, the team generates 195 million dollars in annual revenue. This information provides valuable insights for potential investors and sponsors. As a sports fan, it’s exciting to see top-tier teams like the Alpine F1 team succeed. 

In the current economic climate, supporting successful and sustainable businesses is important. It would allow them to pursue better race car drivers and equipment and give their fans more to enjoy.

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