The most difficult F1 circuits and how to benefit on those odds

Difficult f1 tracks

It is by no means known that Formula 1 is a dangerous sport. However, the circuit of each Formula 1 race is different. One is more difficult than the other and we have done research on the best F1 Circuits out there. In the past, we have produced a top list of the most dangerous tracks in Formula 1 and several of them are also covered in this arDcle.

Below you will find the most demanding F1 Circuits of the Grand Prix and the explanaDon of why this is the case:

1. Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix is one of the toughest circuits in the Grand Prix and we will explain why. The Marina Bay street circuit is one that is raced at night, and despite this fact, the temperature during the race is incredibly hot and makes life difficult for the drivers. The humidity levels were historically off the charts and much of the same is expected during this year’s race.

F1 street circuits are generally considered to be more bumpy than regular racetracks, and the same can be said of the Marina Bay Circuit. Furthermore, despite the fact that much has been done over the years to resurface it, it sDll manages to make the race a very uncomfortable experience for the drivers.

2. Monaco Grand Prix

Some rate the Monaco Grand Prix one of the more boring circuits, however, for the drivers this is one of the most strenuous routes to drive.
The Monaco Grand Prix is notoriously difficult to drive in due to the narrow streets and Dght corners. The hot weather can also make it difficult for drivers to stay cool and focused over the course of the race. Overall, even though the speed is low compared to the other circuits, the roads are narrow and require high precision of the drivers. Some even say that because the track was build a while ago, the circuit is not made for new F1 cars, as they have seen many updates in the recent years.

3. Japanese Grand Prix

The Japanese Grand Prix is one of the most demanding races on the calendar due to the high-speed nature of the Suzuka Circuit. The drivers have to be incredibly precise and smooth in order to be fast around this track, and any mistakes can be costly. With 18 corners they are plenDful and demanding, and the straight lay-outs are hard to find. The weather can also play a factor, as the Japanese Grand Prix oUen had to face quite severe rain in the past. Nonetheless, the fans are quite victorious as it brings one of the most enthusiasDc crowds.

Summary – Overview

Because of these unpredictable circuits, it is much more difficult to bet. If you like beXng and taking a risk, expect some higher beXng odds on the above Formula 1 circuits. One mistake and a F1 driver can be behind, making another courier the winner of the race. Check out Spelpressen for further online casinos and beXng sites.

However, you can expect more excitement with these circuits for which the drivers need to adjust their lifestyle in order to gain high focus. If you can one day be present in one of these events, you will enjoy the tension and passion of the drivers and Formula 1 fans.

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