F1 betting strategy

F1 betting strategy: How to win money on Formula 1 2023

Formula 1 is widely loved by millions of fans around the world. Some people watch it for the love of the sport, some for the amazing driving skills on display, and some for the pure thrill of speed. 

But whatever your reason might be, one thing all F1 fans can agree on is that it’s always exciting to watch. And what’s more exciting than placing a bet or two on your favorite driver and seeing if you can make some money off it? 

Now, if you’re new to Formula 1 betting, don’t worry – we’re here to help. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to develop a winning F1 betting strategy that will help you make money off your bets. So keep reading if you’re keen to improve your chances of making some profits from this exhilarating motorsport!

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Strategy 1: Bet on multiple drivers as winners

Many people make the mistake of placing bets on only a single driver to win a race. This is risky as you’re putting all your eggs in one basket and could end up with nothing if that driver doesn’t take first place. 

To reduce this risk, it’s wise to spread your bets across multiple drivers as winners instead. This way, even if one or two of your drivers don’t get the results you wanted, you’ll still have some other drivers who might just win it for you.

F1 odds are pretty generous, so you should be able to find some great value bets if you know what you’re looking for. The key lies in selecting the right drivers to bet on and then making sure that your chosen drivers perform well in each race.

For example

Let’s understand this strategy better with an example. Let’s say we have two drivers, Driver A and Driver B, who have very similar F1 odds for a particular race. 

If you were to bet on just one driver, then your chances of winning would be 50/50 – either Driver A wins, or Driver B wins. However, if you bet on both drivers, then the odds are in your favor because as long as either one of them wins the race, you will receive a payout.

Obviously, the goal here is to select drivers who have similar odds and then bet on them both. This way, even if one of them doesn’t perform as well as expected, you still have a good chance of making money off your bets. 

The win of either of the drivers will result in a positive return and will be enough to make up for any losses.

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Strategy 2: Place your bets after you watched the qualifying

If you’ve been following F1 races for a while, then you know that the qualifying sessions can often be indicative of how well a driver will perform in the actual race. 

As such, it’s important to watch how drivers perform in qualifying and place your bets only after you’ve seen their times. The qualifying session determines the starting grid and can give you an edge in terms of predicting who’s most likely to win the race.

The idea here is to look for drivers who have better qualifying times than their competitors and then bet on them as winners. Again, make sure you are betting on multiple drivers, or at least the top three qualified drivers, in order to reduce your risk of losses.

For example

Let’s say you’ve watched the qualifying session and noticed that Max Verstappen has the best qualifying time of 1m 23.988s. 

You can then place a bet on Max Verstappen to win the race, as well as bet on other drivers who have good qualifying times as well. 

Quads are usually safer than singles, so it’s always better to spread your bets across multiple drivers.

By following this strategy, you can increase your chances of making a profit from F1 betting. This strategy is especially useful for those who are just starting out in F1 betting and don’t have enough knowledge or experience to make accurate predictions on their own. 

Instead, you can use the qualifying results as a guide and place your bets accordingly.

F1 drivers most World Championship wins

Strategy 3: Get to know the history of the circuits

Now that you’ve narrowed down your choice of drivers by examining the qualifying session, it’s time to look at other factors that can influence race results. 

One such factor is the history of the circuit – certain cars tend to perform better than others on certain circuits due to their design and powertrain. This is something that new F1 bettors often overlook, but it’s crucial if you want to increase your chances of success.

You may also want to look into the weather conditions at the time of the race, as this can have an impact on how cars perform. For example, if it’s a wet track, then you’ll need to select cars that are designed for wet racing and have a good history on such surfaces. Not always; the most powerful or popular cars are the ones that win!

For example

Let’s say you’ve noticed that the odds for Driver A are better than the ones for Driver B. 

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However, you also know that in this particular race, Driver B’s car is designed to perform better on wet surfaces, and the current weather conditions are rainy also, the design of the track is such that it favors Driver B’s car. 

In this case, you should bet on Driver B instead of Driver A, as your chances of winning are much higher in this situation.

Therefore, the more information you can get about a circuit before placing your bets, the better-informed decisions you will be able to make and the higher your likelihood of winning your F1 bets.

Strategy 4: Bet carefully at the start of each season

At the start of each F1 season, it can be difficult to predict which drivers and teams will perform the best. The field is wide open, and teams and drivers can surprise you with their performances. 

As such, it’s important to be careful when betting at the start of the season, as you don’t want to waste your money on teams and drivers that end up not performing as well as expected.

Stay away from short-odds bets and choose value bets instead – look for races where you think a specific driver or team has higher chances of success than their current odds suggest. This is especially important at the start of the season, as you can often get better returns on your bets than if you had bet blindly.

Some factors to consider when choosing your bets at the start of the season include the following:

  • The team’s performance in the past season
  • The driver’s track record
  • Driver and team chemistry 
  • Technical specifications of the cars 

By considering these factors, you can increase your chances of making a profit at the start of each F1 season.

For example

Let’s say you think that a certain team or driver has a better chance of performing well than the current odds suggest. In this case, you should bet on them as their price might increase as the season progresses, and you’ll be able to make a profit from your early bets.

With every season, there are changes in F1 regulations like technical specifications, tracks, and more. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the changes and how they could influence the outcomes of the races. 

Not every bet that you place during the start of the season will be successful, but by researching and analyzing the individual drivers and teams, you can increase your chances of making a profit.

Strategy 5: Don’t play everything on one driver

As we’ve already discussed, it’s important to research and analyze the different drivers and teams before placing your bets. 

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However, you should also remember that no single driver or team is a sure-fire bet. Even the best F1 drivers can have an off-race day, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Instead of betting on a single driver or team, spread your bets out over multiple drivers and teams. This will give you more options for winning and reduce the risk of betting on the wrong driver.

For example

Let’s say you’re betting on the race weekend in Monaco and think that Driver A is the favorite to win. Now maybe you got your bet right, but the next race is in Russia, where Driver A has never performed well. 

In this case, you should consider betting on another driver who has a better track record in Russia instead of putting all your money on Driver A and hoping for the best.

By diversifying your bets across different drivers and teams, you reduce the risk of losing your money while also increasing the potential returns of your bets.

Strategy 6: Study all Formula 1 circuits, drivers, and constructors

Last but not least, always study all the different Formula 1 circuits, drivers, and constructors. Remember that each circuit has its own layout and characteristics, so you should be aware of how cars perform differently in particular circuits. 

Additionally, pay attention to individual driver’s performances and team dynamics – as this can help you when it comes to placing your bets.

Studying the past season and previous F1 races can also give you a better understanding of how teams, drivers, and circuits work together to determine results.

For example

Let’s say you are betting on the upcoming F1 race in Singapore. Before placing your bets, it would be beneficial to spend some time researching the track and previous performances of drivers and teams at this particular circuit. 

This will allow you to make smarter decisions when selecting which driver or team to bet on, increasing your chances of making a profit.


So, there you have it – 6 simple strategies to help you succeed at F1 betting. You can also read about the most popular F1 betting markets and what kind of bets you can place on a Formula 1 race.

From researching and analyzing drivers and teams before placing bets to diversifying your bets across different circuits, implementing these strategies will help you increase your chances of making money when betting on F1 races.

With the proper knowledge, research and analysis, you can become a successful F1 bettor and maximize your returns. Good luck!

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