Top 9 best Formula 1 movies 2024: F1 films & documentaries

top 9 formula 1 movies

Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a thrilling journey through the world of Formula 1 movies. 

In this article, we’ll explore the best F1 movies that capture the essence, excitement, and drama of F1 racing. 

From legendary rivalries to heart-pounding races, these movies, films and documentaries offer an adrenaline rush like no other.

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RUSH (2013) – Trailer

Best Formula 1 movies, films and documentaries

Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsport, has always fascinated racing enthusiasts and movie buffs alike. The roar of the engines, the screeching tires, and the quest for victory make for a cinematic spectacle that’s hard to resist.

But what makes a Formula 1 movie truly great? Let’s dive into the criteria for selecting the best Formula 1 movies.

The Criteria

  1. Authenticity: The movie should capture the real-life essence of Formula 1, from the tracks to the teams.
  2. Engaging Story: A compelling plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
  3. Performance: Stellar acting that brings the characters to life.
  4. Cinematic Excellence: Captivating visuals and immersive racing sequences.

1. "Rush" (2013)

“Rush” takes us back to the 1970s, a time when Formula 1 was as dangerous as it was exhilarating. This masterpiece directed by Ron Howard delves into the fierce rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. It’s a story of contrasts, where Hunt’s charisma battles Lauda’s precision.

  • Authenticity: “Rush” painstakingly recreates the era, with vintage cars and accurate race footage.
  • Engaging Story: The film’s intense portrayal of the Hunt vs. Lauda rivalry keeps you glued to the screen.
  • Performance: Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl deliver career-best performances.
  • Cinematic Excellence: The racing scenes are so realistic that you’ll feel the adrenaline.

2. "Senna" (2010)

Ayrton Senna, a name synonymous with Formula 1 greatness. “Senna” is not just a documentary; it’s a tribute to a racing icon. The film takes you through Senna’s life, from his early days in karting to his legendary battles on the track.

  • Authenticity: “Senna” is a treasure trove of real footage, giving an intimate look into the sport.
  • Engaging Story: The emotional rollercoaster of Senna’s life and tragic death is profoundly moving.
  • Performance: The real stars here are the interviews and archive clips that showcase Senna’s charisma.
  • Cinematic Excellence: The documentary style adds an air of authenticity.

3. "Grand Prix" (1966)

“Grand Prix” is a classic that takes us back to the swinging ’60s. This film is a cinematic time machine, transporting us to an era when Formula 1 was all about guts and glory. Directed by John Frankenheimer, it follows the lives of four drivers during a fictional Formula 1 season.

  • Authenticity: While the races aren’t real, the film’s portrayal of the sport during that period is spot-on.
  • Engaging Story: The intertwined lives of the characters add depth to the racing action.
  • Performance: With a cast that includes James Garner and Eva Marie Saint, the acting is top-notch.
  • Cinematic Excellence: The racing sequences, shot with innovative camera work, set a new standard.
top 9 formula 1 movies

4. "Le Mans" (1971)

“Le Mans” is a must-see for both racing and movie enthusiasts. This film is unique in its approach, as it’s more about the 24 Hours of Le Mans race itself than the characters. And it stars none other than the “King of Cool” himself, Steve McQueen.

  • Authenticity: The film captures the essence of endurance racing like no other.
  • Engaging Story: While light on plot, the movie’s focus on the grueling race is its strength.
  • Performance: Steve McQueen’s passion for racing shines through his performance.
  • Cinematic Excellence: The realism of the racing scenes is astonishing.

5. "Ford v Ferrari" (2019)

“Fearless” might be the best way to describe “Ford v Ferrari.” Directed by James Mangold, this film tells the incredible true story of Ford’s quest to defeat Ferrari at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans race. The movie is not just about speed but also engineering and teamwork.

  • Authenticity: The film recreates the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari with historical accuracy.
  • Engaging Story: The underdog narrative and the camaraderie between Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles are captivating.
  • Performance: Matt Damon and Christian Bale deliver memorable performances.
  • Cinematic Excellence: The racing sequences are pulse-pounding, and the sound design immerses you in the action.

6. "Weekend of a Champion" (1972/2013)

“Weekend of a Champion” provides a unique glimpse into the life of a Formula 1 champion, Jackie Stewart. Directed by Roman Polanski, this documentary showcases Stewart’s weekend at the 1971 Monaco Grand Prix.

  • Authenticity: The documentary format captures the behind-the-scenes world of Formula 1.
  • Engaging Story: It offers an intimate look at the pressure and challenges faced by a champion.
  • Performance: Jackie Stewart’s charisma and candidness shine throughout the film.
  • Cinematic Excellence: The restoration in 2013 enhances the visuals, making it a timeless piece of motorsport history.

7. "1: Life on the Limit" (2013)

“1: Life on the Limit” is a documentary that takes you on a journey through the history and evolution of Formula 1. It’s not just about the drivers and their machines; it’s about the sport’s transformation over the decades.

  • Authenticity: The documentary features rare archival footage, interviews, and historical context.
  • Engaging Story: It tells the tale of Formula 1’s rise to global prominence and the risks involved.
  • Performance: The interviews with legendary figures in the sport provide insights into its evolution.
  • Cinematic Excellence: The mix of breathtaking footage and personal narratives makes it a must-watch for fans.

8. "Williams" (2017)

“Williams” is a documentary that peels back the curtain on one of Formula 1’s most iconic teams. It’s a story not just about racing but about a family’s triumphs and challenges.

  • Authenticity: The film provides an in-depth look at the inner workings of the Williams Formula 1 team.
  • Engaging Story: The Williams family’s journey in the sport, with its highs and lows, is truly captivating.
  • Performance: The candid interviews with team members and Frank Williams himself offer a personal touch.
  • Cinematic Excellence: The film pays homage to Sir Frank Williams’ contribution to Formula 1.

9. "McLaren" (2017)

“McLaren” is a documentary that delves into the life and career of Bruce McLaren, a man whose name is synonymous with the McLaren racing team. From his humble beginnings in New Zealand to Formula 1 stardom, this film covers it all.

  • Authenticity: The documentary provides an authentic portrayal of Bruce McLaren’s journey.
  • Engaging Story: It’s a story of innovation, ambition, and the indomitable spirit of a racing legend.
  • Performance: Bruce McLaren’s charisma shines through his own recorded interviews.
  • Cinematic Excellence: The film captures the essence of McLaren’s racing legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is "Rush" a realistic portrayal of Formula 1 in the 1970s?

Yes, "Rush" is known for its authenticity. It recreates the 1970s Formula 1 era with vintage cars, accurate race footage, and a focus on the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda.

Which Formula 1 movie offers the most immersive racing sequences?

"Ford v Ferrari" (2019) is renowned for its pulse-pounding and realistic racing sequences. It provides a thrilling experience of Formula 1 racing and the quest for victory at Le Mans.

Are there any Formula 1 documentaries worth watching?

Absolutely! "Senna" (2010), "Weekend of a Champion" (1972/2013), "1: Life on the Limit" (2013), "Williams" (2017), and "McLaren" (2017) are all captivating documentaries that offer unique insights into Formula 1 and its legendary figures.


There you have it, the top 9 Formula 1 movies. From epic rivalries to captivating documentaries, these films offer a diverse range of experiences for both racing enthusiasts and movie lovers.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Formula 1 or a newcomer to the world of motorsport, these movies provide an immersive and thrilling ride. So, get your popcorn ready, clear your schedule, and embark on a cinematic journey through the high-speed world of Formula 1.

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