Best F1 simulator cockpits 2024

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Do you want to experience racing without its dangerous consequences? 

Then Formula 1 simulator cockpits are the best way to do so. They not only provide you with a real-life-like experience of motorsport racing but also help you to practice and test your skill if you ever want to become an F1 driver.

Whenever you’re looking for an F1 simulator cockpit, you need to ensure that the simulator is of the highest quality, is expandable, has lower-back support with a secure mounting system, and is of a good build. You also need to keep in mind your budget and the area where you will arrange this setup.

In this article, we will be discussing the five best F1 simulator cockpits of 2024 that not only provide you with the best driving experience but are also of the highest quality and a reasonable budget.

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Best Formula 1 Simulator 2024

Next Level Racing F-GT

1. Next level Racing F-GT

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Next Level Racing simulators are one of the top-rated and best simulators in the market. They launched the Next Level Racing F-GT in September 2021 after eight years of rigorous research and customer feedback which soon became a quick hit among racing fans. The simulator is spacious, foldable, and strong, qualities that are hard to find together in other simulators.


  • Can be adjusted in the GT driving position as well as the Formula 1 driving position.
  • Highly foldable and can be stored in tiny spaces.
  • Can be used by small and large drivers both.
  • The rig is sturdy and steady due to its laser-cut carbon steel material.
  • The rig is very comfortable due to its lumbar support cushion in its seat.


  • It’s a bit difficult for beginners to understand.
  • The cockpit of the rig does not offer the possibility of attaching steering wheels of any other brands than itself.
  • The seat does not have enough lower-back support and can be very uncomfortable during long racing sessions.
  • The simulator is designed to be used with a Motion Gaming Platform, which costs an additional $3000.

The F-GT racing simulator can be set according to a GT and an F1 car in a very limited amount of space.  The simulator has the ability to handle direct drive technology with a stiff pedal plate which makes it ideal for racing professionals and enthusiasts. The seat of the simulator is in style with the cockpit, which is installed above a motion platform. 

The seat of the simulator is made up of carbon steel which has been precisely cut and shaped using a laser. This makes the seat easily adjusted to any position, whether it’s a regular GT position or a more laid-back Formula One position. The simulator also comes with some extra parts such as the seat slider, gear shifter, Buttkick Gamer 2 adaptor, and more.

Who is this a good choice for?

Next Level Racing F-GT is the best for people who want a good, durable simulator for a very affordable price. For people who want to experience GT racing as well as Formula One racing, the Next Level Racing F-GT should be their go-to product.

Next level racing challenger

2. Next Level Racing Challenger

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Next Level Racing Challenger was specifically designed for direct driving wheels and the Traction+ platform. This simulator is available at a comparatively lower price and is particularly aimed at mid-level simulator racers. Reviewers claim the Next Level Challenger to be a worthwhile investment for not too much cash.


  • Has a very competitive and reasonable price.
  • It is compact and takes less space to install.
  • The center post for the steering wheel does not hinder the left foot while applying brakes.
  • The steering wheel and pedals are adjustable to different heights and angles.


  • Has a center post for mounting the steering wheel rather than a dual post.
  • It cannot be folded.
  • It is a little wobbly on the horizontal side.

The framework of the simulator is built from high-quality, thick carbon steel. The seat of the Next Level Racing Challenger is made from Alcantara-like fabric with minimum, tightly packed paddings. The seat is also adjustable and can be moved along the sliders to make it more accommodating to all heights and sizes. 

The seat provides enough support for an hour-long race session. However, for a longer session, you may need to add an extra cushion for lower-back support.

This model of the Next Level isn’t very expensive. This is why it doesn’t have a dual post frame for its steering wheel. Instead, it has a center post to mount the steering wheel. The center post comes with a three-pedal set which is very comfortable and doesn’t affect the foot braking much. The steering wheel can be adjusted to different angles and heights as required by the driver. He can do so by removing and loosening the number of bolts and wing nuts.

Who is this a good choice for?

Next Level Racing Challenger is a perfect fit for a mid-level simulator race player who is low on budget but wants a simulator of good quality and sturdy design. The Next Level simulator is not foldable like its competitor, Playseat Challenge, but it is surely very compact and can be easily stored in one of the corners of your room.

Playseat challenge

3. Playseat Challenge

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A Playseat F1 Cockpit design is something to definitely go for as it doesn’t disappoint any of its customers due to its high versatility. Having minimalistic padding in its seat, it is made in such a way as not to make the driver feel inconvenient. The substantial structure and framework are absolutely beautiful. Alcantara fabric is used to give the seat a cozy feel. 


  • It is made from high-quality materials.
  • The framework of the simulator can be readjusted according to the driver.
  • It is specifically made for Formula 1 simulation games.


  • It cannot be customized due to the lack of accessories available.
  • They are very expensive.
  • Next Level Race Challenger is not suitable for beginners.

It comes in 3 main parts, which you would have to assemble with the help of velcro. The parts are; the seat, the pedal, and the wheel mount. It is very rigid, comfortable, and solid to sit on, conditions that are ideal for a simulator race driver.  

Frame-work can be re-jigged according to the driver except for its specialized seat, which is non-adjustable. Since it’s foldable, it can be stored anywhere in the house, taking less space comparatively. The pre-eminence is showcased through the high-quality stuff used to make its build.

Who is this a good choice for?

Playseat Challenge is the best for people who only play simulating racing games occasionally and don’t want to spend a lot of money on an expensive sim cockpit. It is also ideal for people who have little space to store the simulator.

4. Sparco Evolve GP

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Sparco has definitely proved itself to be a wonderful race seat manufacturer in real-life racing. During the last few years, Sparco has also managed to make its name in the world of sim racing, designing simulator rigs that are of the finest quality. 

Sparco researched with the company Humanetics and gathered data regarding the qualities that a racing enthusiast wants in his simulator. After a few years of research, Sparco Evolve GP was the answer. It is a sleek, slender, practical, competitive, and very sophisticated-looking simulator.


  • It has a seat that can be customized and adjusted according to the driver’s liking.
  • The seat and frame are made using carbon fiber which gives it durability.
  • It is extremely light in weight, so it can be easily moved around.
  • It has pedals that can be adjusted for a more comfortable driving experience.


  • It does not come with a gear shifter in its standard package.
  • It has no lower-back support system embedded into its seat.

Sparco Evolve GP comes with a Formula One-style cockpit with a laid-back seat and slightly raised pedals. The seat is made up of extremely light carbon fiber, which is fixed to 40mm of high-quality chassis piping, giving the seat a very strong, hard feeling. The seat is adjustable, which allows the driver to set the seat in whichever way is comfortable. To add on, the pads of the seat are also movable, meaning they can be removed or added according to the driver’s liking.  

Sparco Evolve GP also comes with adjustable pedals, meaning you can tilt and raise them to a position that is suitable to you. The cockpit also has a place to mount the screen monitor so that you can have a real-life-like driving experience.

Who is this a good choice for?

Sparco Evolve GP is best for those simulating race players that have a high budget and want a simulator of a good build and quality.

RSeat N1

5. RSeat N1

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RSeat N1 is among the new racing simulators available in the market. This simulator is suitable for Rally and GT driving positions. The whole frame of the RSeat N1 is made from laser-cut carbon steel, which is coated with epoxy powder making the frame very sturdy and hard. This rigidity in the frame makes it very user-friendly for gamers, along with giving the frame a more unique, elegant look.


  • RSeat N1 is very comfortable as it is adjustable and customizable according to the driver’s preference.
  • The materials used in the making of RSeat N1 are of high quality.
  • The simulator is compatible with any and every kind of system and peripherals of big brands like PlayStation, Xbox, and more.


  • The RSeat N1 is very expensive when compared with other race simulators in the market.
  • It is very heavy and requires a lot of space to install and store.
  • The assembling of the RSeat N1 is very long and tedious. Plus, the race simulator doesn’t even come with detailed assembly instructions.

The pedal and the steering wheel of the RSeat N1 are adjustable over a wide range of angles. The seat of the RSeat N1 is made from fiberglass and high-density foam, which is, in turn, covered with fine leather. This makes the seat very comfortable and rigid, which are the optimum requirements of the driver. The seat can also be tilted and adjusted to different heights and angles so that the driver can sit more comfortably. The Rseat N1 comes with a gear shifter which is to be attached to any side of the chassis. 

The RSeat N1 is itself very compatible and can work with any kind of system from brands like Thrustmaster, Fanatec, and more.

Who is this a good choice for?

RSeat N1 is good for those simulator race players that have a high budget and want a simulator that is adaptable, comfortable, stable, rigid, and has a modern, sleek design.

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If you are looking for the best quality simulators that give you a real-life-like race driving experience, then these five simulators are what you should be searching for. They have a sturdy build and are adjustable when it comes to the positions and angles of their seats, steering wheels, and pedals. 

Top 5 best F1 simulator cockpits:

  1. Next Level Racing F-GT
  2. Next Level Racing Challenger
  3. Playseat Challenge
  4. Sparco Evolvo GP
  5. Rest N1

Plus, most of these five simulators are quite compact and foldable, which means that they can be easily stored and installed in your homes so that you can continue jamming to your games and experience the feelings and rush of a real-life race driver. 

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